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Agriculture Tyres & Wheels Agriculture Tyres & Wheels

Fielden's success in the early 1980s was based on our recognition of the need to supply farmers and contractors with bespoke and specialised tyre and wheel assemblies.

At that time tractors were starting to use radials but tyre sizes were standard and conventional. Soil compaction, soil damage and the necessity for narrow tyres to fit between the rows were recognised but not yet issues.

Fieldens imported wide Goodyear Terra Tyres up to 43" wide from the United States and manufactured wheels to suit all tractors in order to improve flotation and minimise compaction. Fieldens also stocked a range of narrow tyres from 7.2" to 11.2" wide at the same height as the original equipment tyres with adjustable wheels made to run at the correct track setting.

In 1980s and 90s tractors were being imported and supplied to dealers with sizes and brands of tyres that end users often wished to change. Fieldens offered a tyre-swap deal to tractor manufacturers and dealers allowing them to supply a new tractor with the desired tyre assembly to suit the end user's requirements / application. This could be a brand swap or complete conversion to turf, wider, narrower or industrial tyres on wheels. Fieldens tyre and wheel business was based on these three key elements and developed from there.

In recent years the agricultural tyre and wheel market has changed dramatically. Farm machinery is larger and highly technical. The demands on the tyre equipment greater. Higher loads, greater speeds, more traction, more strength, more flexion and lower inflation pressures are required. Many different tyre brands, designs, tread patterns, depths, widths and heights are offered and its a science in itself to match the correct tyre to the specific application.

The sales engineers at Fieldens draw upon many years of experience and pride themselves on advising and supplying the correct tyre and wheel to suit any application. We aim to solve unusual fitting problems, from 8" tyres and wheels on lawnmowers to tyre assemblies over 2m high on high horsepower tractors.

Fieldens remain brand independent and will advise the brand of tyre that we believe will suit the job and perform efficiently.

Fieldens are not wholesalers and do not hold massive stock. We add value by being specialist engineers who tailor each job to the exact requirements of the customer. All wheels are manufactured and assembled on site. Our website shows a few examples of some popular types of conversions but we will offer our opinion on any tyre and and wheel issue no matter how complex.

Agriculture Wheels

Without the correct wheel, tyres cannot function. As a leading supplier of many different kinds of tyre for all manner of use, Fieldens has developed a wheel manufacturing and distribution division.

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Fieldens stock a number of useful accessories, designed to extend the life-span of old equipment or make standard maintenence easier.

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