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Industrial & Civil tyres

There can be few harsher environments in which tyres operate than scrap yards, refuse dumps, demolition sites or quarries and yet, regardless, wheeled machines are expected to perform to the maximum - day in day out.

We have tyre ranges suitable for all such harsh industrial and civil engineering operations including the Galaxy range from the U.S.A. Galaxy tyres have earned a reputation for ruggedness and reliability in some of the most testing conditions and are becoming increasingly popular here in the UK.

The Galaxy range runs from smaller diameter tyres for skid-steer loaders through chevron patterns used by JCBs and Telehandlers to the larger tyres used by loading shovels, graders and other engineering and quarrying equipment.

We offer Galaxy, Trelleborg and BF Goodrich as our premium brands. For those with less demanding use, Fieldens also offers tyres from other budget brands.

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